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Be kasur

A place which was known to host the greatest of all Sufi saint, Baba Bulleh Shah who preached peace and tranquility his whole life mourns the death of a 7-year-old. Issues pertaining to sexual abuse tend to remain a threat to Pakistan`s “Ghairat” where horrendous

Double Game

It seems as if Islamabad has taken precedence over Pyongyang and Tehran for Mr. Trump who wished us a very happy new year recently. Our ties with the United States have had its ups and downs on the diplomatic front. Unlike previous White House administrations

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Conspiracy theories have been a part and parcel of our problems, the wildest of all may be the so-called “Yahoodi Sazish”. As a nation we are well acquainted with alternative theories from how come the most wanted man on earth, Osama bin Laden was living

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