A Different Perspective to GPA

A Different Perspective to GPA


Grade Point Average

We rate various aspects of our life in terms of education, wealth, fitness, friends and et cetera et cetera, its a never-ending list of human aspirations that amplify with time, right? Well, there’s one more rating perhaps the most important one. It ranges from 0 to 4, the anomaly is this range is sought out to be a reflection of one’s mental capacity, academic excellence and several other indicators of a perfect life.

The rationale behind higher scores or higher GPA may be, the amount of “Effort” one puts in to get that number, right?

If we look into the etymology of that word up there, the medieval French explains “effort” as strength and power or to exert oneself onto something. I agree with the latter bit though, we do exert ourselves in order to get somewhere around 4. While that happens we forego various aspects of learning, analysis, and critical thinking. Is it worthwhile to give up on all those key elements of our academic experience? It certainly is much greater than that.


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“Absolutely Relative” or “Relatively Absolute”, the grade jargon just sways you away from critical or constructive thinking. Naturally, when you’re bound to range between zero to four, you can’t go that far or can you?

Now that we have established some correlations with GPA. Here`s the thing “Grades Really Do Matter” but we can’t look at those four words in isolation or can we? Getting a good GPA should be our topmost priority or one of the priorities as recommended by so-called intellectuals across the globe. Do we ever question the rationale behind a one decimal place figure that is supposed to reflect our track record of achievements? No, we don’t.

If you ever come across a student advisor, the conversation starts from somewhere around a 3.0 and you are throttled up in with figures like college averages, Harvard and Princeton cutoffs and the conversation goes on until you’re somewhere around a 4.0. Why does that happen? Well, the answer quite simple,

How can you make the most of your GPA?

We all are well acquainted with GPA averages and categories associated with them. How can you make the most out of it depends on how you see it. If you’re determined to get 4.0, keep a track record of where are you now and what needs to be done to attain that number. You need to come up with ways other than academic excellence to outperform your competitors. What’s the right attitude? How effective is my study routine? Am I looking for a higher GPA at the expense of some amazing opportunities?

These questions won’t be answered with some bestseller self-help book, in fact,  require them to think above numbers. The Facebooks and Apples of the world aren’t eyeing for a 4.0 in isolation, they want you to “Do The Right Thing”.

The sooner we figure out how to do that the better it’ll be for our generations to come.

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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