How To Avert the Chinese Invasion

How To Avert the Chinese Invasion




“Naturalization” is the process whereby you become a citizen of another country. Chinese women marrying Pakistani men, Pakistani men marrying Chinese women, that is happening a lot in our country Pakistan, where soon after the declaration of CPEC accord an outburst of Chinese Foreigners have swept into our streets. No kidding, you can find them easily in posh areas of Lahore or Islamabad for say.

I remember a few years ago, while I applied at Huawei in Ufone Tower in the Blue Area, I could find a few stories of the building restricted only to the colony of Chinese Professional men.

They come in herds and take our jobs away. — S. Sahibaza (works with them in the same building)


Anyhow, I soon got entangled with Haier Pakistan and got to work closely with them since the Chairman of Haier in Pakistan also hosted Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce in the Mega Tower on the main boulevard where I worked.

How do they work?

I got to witness the work ethics of the Chinese Workers very closely. They are focused and are really good at bargaining work-life balance.

Especially, as we traverse across the streets of DHA Lahore it is common to find Chinese men running in their sports kits owning a body language as if they really belong here. Do they?

Nonetheless, the sports complexes are now not shy of them coming in hoards and occupying the courts so there remains not much difference of us distinguishing them and us.

Despite, if you have also noticed, they like to stay in a very confidant bubble meaning close integration within themselves. This you can observe by trying to talk to a few.

How to deal with them(Chinese)?

They are selective and sometimes shy to disclose their intention of being here. Which obviously is more than getting access to hot waters and more of getting a strategic master-slave role in a community.

This might sound obnoxious but not something which can be disregarded.

They will go to the extent of pleasing the higher-ups so if you point out their mistakes they will cost you your job. A similar incident was about to happen with me when an Original Equipment Manufacturer, let’s say Mr. Kenny from a consumer electronics facility named Staba in Shenzhen got infuriated when I started negotiating with him on behalf of my previous company.

Anyhow, hailing miserably from a bitter experience where I had imported a few item goods for my new Solar Energy startup I soon came to notice that the same Chinese salesperson with his English name Alex was also known to some other member of our startup as Oven. They also became irresponsive at the time of customs clearance. This diplomacy is evident and they are not greedy but selfish to what suits them.


However, in their recent visit, my parents would share that on the institution level, the Chinese are much more welcoming than one would expect.

They give you the right kind of protocol if they anticipate returns out of you. May it becoming of as a nuisance value, I must give the devil its due right. Pun intended.

Very frankly one can have both kinds of experience making it hard to judge members of a community in generalization, after a few individual instances of direct exposure a question still remains,

Are they here to take the better off?


And if they are, it reflects their sincerity towards own goals and their achievements. That is the same reason, that we Pakistanis have to bank with the success that our Chinese counterparts have mustered over the years. The buildup is phenomenal that one has to overlook the smartness Chinese indulgence has over Pakistani business.

Needless to point out the monetary profiteering one can experience while partnering with a few of these companies.

The same reason today, my small enterprise has been into partnership with Four exuberant companies of regional and international rapport.

Chinese Language


Most recently, I came off an idea to discover this question more in detail. The idea was to learn Chinese Culture. More appropriately, any discovery is dictated by the language barrier that remained.

So I thought to research the best Chinese learning private institutes.

I had known about the Government funded ones. In the end, I resorted with LUMS Lifetime Learning opportunity as it was close to my residence.


And here you go, I am halfway into the course and already friends with a few people so much so inducted a Chinese player, Simo, who is here to work jointly on Guddu Barrage Power Plant into our Football team. My Chinese Language instructor, Mrs. Sarah Liu is residing in Pakistan for the past 24 years and teaching to her pupils in well-renowned Aitchison College for over the past decade.

Cultural Exchange

Right on point, she wears “Shalwar Kameez”, speaks in Urdu sometimes and stays relatable to Pakistani politics and economic affairs. This means, again referring above, that Chinese people have a discourse to apt in situations where they invest in people skills quite often than not.


And why complain, you will not find a reciprocal from a Pakistani student learning on Scholarship in China of having an intent to learn their culture despite so many opportunities. Again that comes from closely speaking to a friend of mine, Muhammad Hamza Awan, who is getting his Masters degree from NPU in Yangzhou China. Does he love China? Yes!

Is he going to spend a few more years of his life there? No. Maybe, because of the non-admissible circumstances.

Recently, the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan went on to discover modes of renegotiation. Returned with nothing but forbearing commitments.

Of what little I know, it is more than just uttering the words of flowery brethren relationship but staying put and not falling to the admitted flattering.

One has to be culturally diverse in their approach in order to gain-sake long-term fruits. And teaching them compulsory “Urdu” would merely just serve the purpose. Instead of learning the Chinese language will be more profitable. After all, China is known for its cheap bargain.


-Zorays Khalid


Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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