From India to Hindustan, will Modi win again?

From India to Hindustan, will Modi win again?

It’s been five years since Narendra Modi entered the realm of Lok Kalyan Marg, the official residence of the prime minister.

As of today, the new political monsoon is upon the Indian outskirts where Indians will choose their political destiny once again, but who would be the perfect patron?

Whom Indian will choose now?

The current sitting government have and had fulfilled promises to Indian masses as BJP’s Modi had turned into Modi’s BJP it seems that Indian populism which Modi cashed had shape-shifted into Hindu Populism as during his reign minorities suffered and Hindu fundamentalism rose once again but Modi’s foreign stature proved as a face-saving for its policies within Indian horizons.

With elections approaching near to the power corridors in Delhi, its stance towards Islamabad becoming more rigid tearing every norm of diplomacy by declining initiatives took by its neighboring state, not realizing that stability in the region depends on these two.

Modi, undermining the previous Vajpayee’s legacy of BJP, posing continues ferment to the South Asian delicate peace structure.

India which was once a pluralistic and diverse society which made it beautiful changed its course when Modi took charge, or more precisely Modi turned Indian charm into a curse, where one social segment can have their due access to life whereas others are being brutally lynched.

During these political years, Delhi’s gruesome proved to be a throne of terror especially for Muslims and lower Hindu classes in India.

Whether it is atrocities in Kashmir or in Muslim ghettos across India, Delhi’s kept its lip sewed, exhibiting an unprecedented prototype of duplicity.

It seems Modi’s “MITRON” (Hindi word for friends) encompasses only Hindus.

During the Modi’s tenure Indian nationalism is being overshadowed by Hindu nationalism, ultimately causing India becoming an ethnocentric state, this might have not serious repercussions at this moment as it is rising now but ultimately it will affect India in later terms.

Modi’s silence might win the support of Hindu nationalists but it will cause a severe blowback in future prospects as India is already facing more than 30 separatist movements.

The gods of fortune might be favorable to Modi as he is facing a political front within the corridors of Delhi and still masses support him as their leader.

Recent allegations by the president of Indian National Congress, Rahul Gandhi on Modi over Rafale jets, might not be a big hindrance in 2019 elections for BJP. After all massive corruption isnt new to the Indians.

The question arises that what Indian will choose this time, if Modi gets his throne back, which apparently seems to be the case.

The BJP maestro will do what he does best, reconstructing anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim narrative.

As the populist idea across the country, it will induce a serious turbulence in Delhi-Islamabad relations and also will affect the fragility of the border.

One thing is sure if Modi makes it back to the power corridors, it will show the taste buds of Indian masses.


Syed Nasir Hassan

Syed Nasir Hassan

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