Yes We Are Living in a Bubble, LUMS

Yes We Are Living in a Bubble, LUMS
*The Following piece is entirely a student`s opinion and in no way aims to criticize or malign the said university`s reputation.
I hereby affirm that LUMS has been a significant part of my life so far and the following piece is in no way directed towards the administration or policies of the said institution.
Shehryar Imran Ejaz
Batch of 2020


Harvard of Pakistan as they say or when they applaud the prestige of an institution like LUMS, music to ears, isn’t it? After all, the referral here is to four years of self-discovery, exploration, and aspirations leading onto reality checks.

To begin with, let’s revisit the rationale behind ending up in a place like LUMS.

  • Best of the Best in Pakistan`s context.
  • Diversity
  • State of the art faculty
  • Culture
  • Academic excellence
  • Financial constraints for going abroad so might as well go to LUMS.

Whatever the rationale may be behind ending up in LUMS, it certainly is relative to the next best alternatives in terms of IBA, NUST, GIKI and etc.

As we smither through the red brick walls and conquer acres of on-campus glory, there is a marginal cost attached within. If you’re considering this marginal cost to be the hefty amount of fees which reflects your privilege and entitlement as a student, you’re wrong.

This marginal cost is none other than the “disconnect from reality” which gets larger in the midst of these red brick walls.

 “Disconnect from reality”, “where did that come from? We live in a popular urban center with a decent social circle and Facebook tells us everything”, so yeah.

The argument stands still when one fails to comprehend what this disconnect implies? Are we aware of the state of the affairs out there? I know a few who have never been out of those black gates for real and even if they have DHA and Gulberg eateries don’t qualify for a reality check. There is a lot more to be heard and adapted too for our social and moral wellbeing.

LUMS Bubble

The LUMS bubble does not account for the haves & have-nots and won’t stand by your side once you graduate out of those black gates & red bricks, once and for all.

Is my referral here to a particular school?

The social sciences school probably considering how Marxist and Freudian one can get in there. The business school perhaps where capitalism prevails or any other school for that matter.

It isnt about schools or their curriculum, it’s about the sense of entitlement that resonates amongst these red bricks. If the latter gets quashed, there is no going back.

While referring to LUMS one cannot ignore drugs, well for me its a private affair until and unless it violates or harms someone. If the disconnect would have been due to excessive drug usage, half of Pakistan won’t be logging into their respective social media accounts and posting “below the belt” content all day long.

When it comes to Luminites(students at LUMS) there are some common denominators to be found.

  • A group laughing stock which will act as a constant source of entertainment for their next four years.
  • The one who scores ( I was talking about football).
  • The DHLs, where GPA comes first.
  • Khokha, a place which bestows freedom upon us to do whatever we want too.


Though these common denominators may not reflect the whole student body, it sure does reflect a substantial part.


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There’s no harm in living in a bubble when one can afford to do so, fair enough. The harm will soon be inflicted upon when one fails to relinquish the ego of those red bricks in front of those who are not a fan of one’s alma mater, may it be LUMS or any other Ivy.

We might end up with a DHL, lots and lots of friends, a party monster label. The branded persona of LUMS won’t babysit us for the rest of our lives.

It sure is thought-provoking for me and I rest my case.





Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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