Detox and Weight Loss Through Cupping or Hijama

Detox and Weight Loss Through Cupping or Hijama

I don’t know if it was the excessive meat intake from Bakra Eid Bar B Ques or overall indulgence with anything sweet and savory, but what happened is that I started experiencing pimples, noticed a few inches added here and there, and mostly a kind of lethargy making me dull and fuzzy in my head. Of course, I googled the hell out of it and realized that the lack of veggies in my diet, added sugar in blood and lack of any form of active exercise regime might have resulted in a built of toxins in my body.

After all, you are what you eat, as in the very literal sense of the phrase, it is your food which breaks down and the nutrients becomes a part of you at a cellular level.

Not that I discourage working out or a more conscious eating style, but trying wet cupping or Hijama has really shown remarkable results for me.

Not only is it the way of the Prophet (PBUH) but it is an ancient practice with slight variations being followed by many civilizations particularly the Chinese.

Hijama session starts with discussing with the practitioner (better consult someone who has had it done before and knows a certified practitioner) and letting them in on your goals. For me, it was a general lack of energy, pimples, and irritated skin and detox.

Please make sure that the place is clean and the instruments sterilized. And now comes the infamous question: how much does it hurt?

And the answer is… is absolutely tolerable given the conditions of weather and the aftercare of the small cuts that are needed to let the bad blood out, you are sure to survive it.

What it basically achieves is it creates a vacuum through cupping your skin, this makes the bad blood gather closer to the outer layers of your skin, making the already protrude portion under the cup a deeper shade of maroon, after this is done the cup is removed and small as in tiny cuts are made on the skin with the help of a blade are made, blood starts oozing out in form of trickles and this is what you needed to get rid of from your bloodstream.

You can easily tell the difference of this blood from the regular shade of your blood on accounts of being darker and thicker. Depending on your situation the points for this cupping on your body will be decided by the expert.

And so I left for home, feeling slightly dizzy and bruised in my upper shoulders from where the cups were placed. The sleep which was experienced right after the session was deeper then what I am usually able to achieve, and after almost a week to ten days I started a clear reduction in my cravings, felt more awake and energetic, and did not have any more pimple outbreaks. While trying to pin down any form of weight loss or fitness regime one must think of it as a lifestyle for as soon you start to overindulge yourself the symptoms are bound to return.

I would not suggest Hijama as a shortcut but will surely encourage it as a starting point from where you can start to work on your self-discipline.

It has been associated with a boost in immunity, detoxing blood, pain relief and relaxing of nerves.

I hope you give this a try and remember while you bear with the pain of those small cuts that in Islam your body has rights on you and to exploit it through overeating and laziness is something which comes with a price. And well we all can relate the cliché of “no pain no gain”… so there you go, best of luck with your health!




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