A Dream in Your Pocket By Nerys Dee

A Dream in Your Pocket  By Nerys Dee

Genre: Mind, Body & Spirit.
Pages: 160

Have you ever wondered where dreams come from? And what do they mean? If you’re the inquisitive sort then you’ll definitely enjoy this book. A profound spiritual guide to dream interpretation, this book will not only be the most interesting thing you’ve read this week, it will also change your perspective on life!

Nerys Dee, best-selling author, and authority on dreams, has beautifully explained the concept of dreaming by showing how Egyptians used to incorporate dreaming in their everyday decision making. Using them as pathways to God, they could understand non-worldly things and have prophetic dreams too.  From lucid dreaming to somnambulism, this book focuses on every aspect of dreaming that you’ve probably experienced at least once in your life. The fact that this book is short and to the point makes it all the more interesting.

If you dream about a house, the condition of the house represents your mental and physical state, says Nerys Dee. So if the house that you see in your dream is dilapidated and broken down, either your mental or physical state (or both) is being affected negatively. Other dreams, like those where you find yourself standing naked in front of an audience, are clear depictions of your fear of exposure, whether that relates to your thoughts, ideas or something else that you hold dear.

A dream is not just a message from yourself to yourself; it is a link to an unknown power within you that allows you to see the future. Such dreams are called prophetic dreams. You’ve probably had at least one dream that came true the next day. Ever wondered how that happened? Well, look no further. This book will help you understand a lot more about your dreams and yourself than you could ever imagine.

The author also mentions the need to keep a dream journal so all dreams can be interpreted easily. Have a problem that needs solving? Close your eyes and sleep. There are high chances that your dream will show a solution to your problem. Many renowned, artists, painters, writers and innovators have brought masterpieces into this world on the basis of the idea that they had in their dream. Now it’s your turn to use your dreaming power to its fullest.

‘Written into every dream is a message, but in addition to this, advice and solutions are also given.’

Profound thoughts lead to profound dreams. Practiced dreamers with high knowledge of the dreaming mind have started working on dreams that can give answers to questions like ‘Is there a God?’ Nerys Dee encourages dreamers to think about such things before going to sleep in order to have better, spiritually enlightening dreams.

‘The question was put to him, what is hope? And his answer was the dream of a waking man.’ – Diogenes

From interpretations of water-themed to birth & death-themed dreams, Nerys Dee provides explicit meanings to such dreams all the while letting readers know that the best person to interpret the dream is the dreamer itself.

As the title suggests, the book is small enough to be kept in your pocket so you can find answers to your dreams anywhere, anytime!

A page-turner, “A Dream in Your Pocket” has the ability to take you on a journey of self-discovery as you recall past dreams that start to make sense and gain insight into controlling your dreams and attaining wisdom from them.

‘Sleep’, as Shakespeare so wisely put it, ‘it is the balm for hurt minds, nature’s great the second course.’

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Aaina Batool

Aaina Batool

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