The Glorified Drama Industry and its Impact

The Glorified Drama Industry and its Impact

Branding people with tags, not providing them with a non-judgmental space to express them, dictating whom to love and when to love, interfering in the personal space of people, questioning the priority of people, bullying people in the name of humanity and ever-increasing adamant persuasion of the goony culture.

Any idea of where does my referral lie?

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our modern day obsession with TV and Web productions and not to forget the theatrics of these productions which have created a significant impact on our lives.

These productions promise a dose of entertainment, tinted or filled with human emotions that define us, rule us and somehow betray us too. TV dramas are intentionally or unintentionally destroying our culture and moral values.

In Pakistan Drama is an imperative zone in the field of media. It is a matter of addiction among people that has touched lives through appearances, action, and language.

Drug addiction, celebrating western festivities, Pregnancies to abortions, extramarital affairs to illegitimate children, even respectable relationships are not spared.

Maids are being used as Objects for physical pleasure by their male employers and that is TRUE

In the name of modern entertainment, we have been exposed to a high degree of absurd content in the modern day drama industry.

By the kindness of the drama industry, Pakistan is making new records in Suicides, murders, physical abuse, polygamy and an increasing number of divorces.

Dramas take us into the imaginary world of dreams where we can do anything. Teenage girl fantasy is promoted to an extent where there’s no going back like a girls-only aspiration is to get married to a rich hunk!

Suicide, now where does that idea come from?

A high degree of superstitious elements in this productions distance us from actuality and then there comes a time where suicide is the only idea to pursue, right?

The use of black magic and the influence of such rituals are providing people with false beliefs.

The content itself needs to be regulated with detailed guidelines issued by our regulatory institutions pertaining to TV and Web production.


Zunaira Michael

Zunaira Michael

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