Do’s and Don’ts, Living in a Virtual World

Do’s and Don’ts, Living in a Virtual World

There are some Do’s and Don’ts in the Virtual World, out there.

We live in a time where we need to cut off the Virtual relationships and start feeling the Real ones.

Sounds a bit cliche but here is a fact.

We are living simultaneous lives both physically and virtually, although we are affected by both of them.

We do feel guilty when we unfriend or un-follow someone, right?

The reality is some relations do need to die, in past, we were not bound to relationships like these, we believe that internet is bridging the inherited gap, in fact, its the other way around.

Somewhere in between Virtual relationships and necessary commitments, we have lost the essence and beauty of “Real Relations”, wishing each other through a Facebook status sending each other virtual cards is not enough.

Think over it, invest your time in real relations, spend time with each other Physically not virtually.

Essence and beauty of relationships have vanished somewhere, each one of us is bound to be active on social sites.

Trends are a new way to live life, you can’t have a meal if you do not Instagram that, right?

Working out, another popular trend on social media these days if someone is not going to gym he/she is considered as an outcast.

If you don’t add filters to your picture you won’t look acceptable?

It`s about time to realize the extent of our dependency on social media, its good when we use it for awareness but it may shatter our real relationships.

Be with your friends and family and spend some time without staring at your mobile phones for the rest of your lives, WATER YOUR FAMILY TREE WITH LOVE, for love creates roots that smithers through the soil bestowing you with a reasonable relationship to pursue.


Rimsha Munir

Rimsha Munir

A learner who is in quest of gaining knowledge. Admirer of arts and a graduate in English Literature and Media Science.

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