Pakistan in 2030, What The Future Holds?

Pakistan in 2030, What The Future Holds?

The current population of Pakistan is 201,746,572 and the country ranks number 6 in the list of top most-populated countries.

Not only this, what’s more, alarming is the fact that if the situation remains unchanged than our beloved country will be the 4th most populated country in the world by 2030.

Family Planning, here comes a classic rebuttal from the religious right, fortunately, they are not responsible to feed the ever-increasing population, right?

Let’s get some facts straight, Family planning or even a mere discussion would ring alarm bells across the country.

As of today, it is the most serious issue that we are facing, but people tend to neglect it. the issue of family planning has been thwarted by our government’s neglect, lack of services and fallacies.

Due to this not only we are facing economic or societal issues but access to health-care is also affected due to the country’s continuously-growing population.

In Pakistan, contraception use is lower than 35 percent. There are a ton of reasons that lowers the use of contraception itself; non-availability of services, traditional beliefs that have no logical backing, and various scientific misconceptions. But the reason that tops the chart is the belief of masses that family-planning is completely against “nature” or against “Islam” as they proclaim.



So basically most of the family-planning programmes are still adapted towards the female populace. Population management departments have usually ignored the aspect of family planning.

Population management departments in Pakistan are unable to attain a full civil administration status thus restricting their ability to perform their functions accordingly.

Issues pertaining to population control have been manhandled for quite a while now, examples of frail supervision with no proper mechanism to articulate and implement the population control policy have worsened the situation time and again.

Contraception is still what the masses tend to ignore, inter-agency tensions, lack of inclusion of medical professionals along with several other factors exacerbate the issue.


To begin with, population control authorities need to extend family-planning ideas to maternal health services since maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate is increasing at the same pace.

Media which is known as our fifth pillar of the state, right? We have seen excessive media campaigns for political advertising, in fact, the incumbent government spent a considerable amount on their media campaign during the polls. Media can be used as an effective tool to raise awareness and develop optimism towards the very issue of increasing population.

If the incumbent government is serious in pursuing population control, departments who have been tasked to do so have to be given some leeway in terms of administrative control.

The whole phenomenon of population control has to be incorporated into our social fabric, until then, population control is a dream yet to be fulfilled.


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Javeria Khan

Javeria Khan

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