Take a Walk to Sanity

Take a Walk to Sanity

It came to me late last night, it was one of those days when the summer gives into winters, and the slow ruffles of chilled winds start making their way to sneak past you, and you feel as if after months of humid heat your lungs finally got filled with a breath of fresh air.

It sort of lingered inside me that breadth, like a memory from childhood or a smile from a stranger, or anything we underestimate in life for its decisive consequences, it stayed a little longer, long enough for me to become aware of it.

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A breath of fresh air! How rare has this become in urban routine? In the age of social media and relentless networking, where our minds are stuck in “got to do this now” mode, it’s not often that we live in the moment.

I slowed down my steps which previously had a frenzied quality to them. The fact that I had gotten out of the house to slow my mind down -from being locked inside a web of information which is inevitable for a researcher- dawned on me, and I was surprised at my ignorance towards my own suffering.

It gets to your head this form of life, where we are drowned in technology, it pushing us against our own minds, bombarding us with useless information and our brains trained in process of meaningless data, the world presented to us in the form of posts and tweets and comments or images and visuals, our senses choked out of their functional capacities until we are on default mode of constant mental exertion.

And I owe this moment of truth to my decision to get out of the damned room and take a walk, like the Stoics did in Greece, as the champion takes to the arena, as the soldiers took to the battlefield, as the convict takes to the gallows, as we all must take to our destinies.

So while you are too busy navigating your path from behind a screen into the abyss of a virtual reality we are all too invested in these days, for once just break the cycle and take a walk, like literally move your feet, flex your muscles, ease your breathing and watch your perspective shift. It turns out the inspiration we are all seeking exists right outside the window of our minds if only we dare or care enough to walk towards it! …..





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