Quality of Education, Something Needs To Be Done

Quality of Education, Something Needs To Be Done

If one asks what may be the essential wrongdoing in our education system, referring here to the innumerable schools across Karachi where the word MERIT is nowhere to be found.

I remember being in the 12th grade when one of my friends told me that she is teaching in a private school and I was shocked at how she can manage to teach while being in college. “Poor little kids, their future is definitely in danger,” I replied in light humor.

Now when I think about the situation I really stand by the lines I uttered that day, because what happens in these schools is definitely not up to the mark!

Fast forward to this one fine day, when I was driving through a tiny street and I saw some students going inside these two buildings standing adjacent to each other which probably looked like a normal double-story house.

To my surprise, those two buildings were their so-called “School”.

Many of such schools are built in residential areas, in bungalows ranging from 250 yards onward; with no playgrounds for students, overly congested classrooms, no extra-curricular activities, no proper science and IT labs, and the morning assembly is conducted on the rooftop!

Seriously, How on earth do we expect our students to perform with such a background?

Here comes the most surprising part! Many of these schools are not even registered.

Over 7000 schools in Karachi are unregistered, because of this, students face chaos at the time of SSC exams.

We say that our youth is our future and that education is the best investment in the future, right?

Little do we know that with this infrastructure and system of schooling our youth is going nowhere and something needs to be done.

There must be a fixed number of schools run under the supervision of the government and the teachers should be appointed very precisely because not only they teach their respective subjects, but they also shape young minds.



Javeria Khan

Javeria Khan

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