MEMES; The latest means of Business & Communication.

MEMES; The latest means of Business & Communication.

If your social media savvy, you’ve probably encountered internet memes, right?

Well the use of the internet itself doesn’t necessarily establish your connection with memes. I mean if you’re even living without internet (under a rock probably?) in one way or another you will be introduced to these tiny sass-filled laughing bombs called “Memes”.

Memes are confusingly amazing! Everything can be turned into a meme, from Sheikh Rasheed`s Tweet which goes something like this, “well played green shits” to Nawaz Sharif’s “Mujhe Kyun Nikala”. From Meghan & Harry’s wedding in the West to mistakes made by Imran Khan during his oath-taking ceremony.

The internet quickly manages to locate some ‘meme-worthy’ element in everything minor or major as quick as a flash. It won’t be wrong to say that even many news stories that are of least importance are under everyone’s radar after being circulated as a meme on social media.

There is not a single platform where memes aren’t generated,  twitter, snap chat, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram maybe.

Regardless of time, every day we see something new circulating on our feeds and then there are these memes too that never get old, right? (Hint: Aunty Gormint)

Later when a particular meme gains the attention of the masses it turns into a marketing strategy, people use the famous one-liners and animated graphics made originally derived from the memes to sell their products.

we have seen some renowned brands in the past utilizing them as a marketing strategy for their product or service. Careem never fails to impress us with their promo codes.

You can also see that the brands are often involved into meme-wars too. Which for sure brings great traffic on their pages (For instance; Coca-Cola vs Pepsi) and believe it or not internet traffic is GOLD these days for the market out there.

It’s like a vicious cycle, Mainstream Media generates the primary content > we make memes out of it > we make them viral > the same mainstream media uses that to maximize their revenue > we buy it (Because Oh, that’s trending!!), and what else?

The cycle never stops!

Memes are the new way of communication, and yes that’s quite funny!


Javeria Khan

Javeria Khan

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