The Growth of ‘Unsafe’ Tattoo-Culture in Pakistan.

The Growth of ‘Unsafe’ Tattoo-Culture in Pakistan.

The tattoo culture wasn’t socially acceptable at first in Pakistan considering the moral and religious values but now this trend is getting rage among the youth of Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi.

There are a number of tattoo studios in Karachi offering the services of permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos, tattoo removal, and some of them even claim to fix the face of acid attack victims by inking the pigments into the skin.

But are they eligible to do so?

One needs to have a certificate in the art of making tattoos and the state’s approvals or permits to open a tattoo shop.

A license is also required to ensure that all the equipment, supplies, ink and etc are harmless and sterilized while an additional check entails that the artist is using foolproof techniques.

Getting a tattoo can lead to many complications such as allergic reactions, skin infections, deadly blood-borne diseases including skin cancer, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, aids and other skin problems like granulomas and keloids.

Make sure to inquire about the license and the certificates before getting a tattoo because your life is more valuable than an image inked into your epidermis!

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Javeria Khan

Javeria Khan

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