Cultural Degradation

Cultural Degradation

Pakistan happens to harbor over 5000-year-old culture and conventions: you get mesmerized upon keenly observing the breathtakingly beautiful sites, exotic attires from various regions at national fairs and festivals, sports, food, music, and literature!
But unfortunately, both men and women here reckon it cool to blindly follow the western culture.


As a result, the western attires are becoming popular, fast food is replacing the traditional dishes and ghazals and qawwali are only accepted in a remixed format.

Traditional sports like polo and sophisticated folk dances too are being replaced by the western ones. Then instead of visiting our own historical sites like world’s largest necropolis Makli, Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa, Taxila, old fortresses, and towers etc. we prefer to go to the West.

Then the beauty of our sandy beaches, majestic mountains, golden deserts, and plains is unmatchable. For instance, Murree, hiking tracks of Shogran and Siri Paaye, Gilgit, Hunza and Chitral valleys.

Then many mentally-enslaved westernized Pakistanis feel proud claiming that their children only speak English and could not communicate in Urdu. Degradation of the national language is glaringly evident at job interviews that are almost always conducted in English.

In the process of mental-enslavement social-media followers – forgetting their rich culture – celebrate events like Black Friday and Valentine’s Day etc.

It is high time we open own eyes and also warn our youth that shunning own rich culture will turn us into second-class imitators.


Zobia Shoaib

Zobia Shoaib

Hi! I'm zobia,student of BS media science.I write blogs and articles and also a photographer and painter and also a makeup artist and had excellence certificates in all of it.

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