Not So Sharif

Not So Sharif

Who would have thought that a sitting prime minister in Pakistan will be disqualified back in 2013? The biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan would be finally relieved by a maniac who lives in North London and there is a lot more to be acknowledged.

For all those who will be or already have posted something about how Sharif was victimized and political engineering.

Here is a pop-up quiz FYI

Was Sharif Guilty? Yes

Did he loot and plunder tax payer`s wealth? Yes

Is he ruling Punjab for the last three decades? Yes

Could he build a single hospital to treat his own wife? NO

Were Panama Papers produced from a printing corporation near GHQ? NO

Did Maryam Nawaz use a man in uniform to fabricate her documents in calibri? NO

Was Sharif an advocate of civilian supremacy? FOR GOD`S SAKE, NO

Get Your Facts Straight 101: General Jillani back in the 80s introduced a young Nawaz to President Zia and asked him to help the poor boy get some work as Nawaz had already tried police, cricket, steel business and god knows what.

Zia later inducted Nawaz in the corridors of Power and the Sharif renaissance took place.

The war is with the status quo and status quo is what the Sharifs represented along with generals, judges, and bureaucrats on their payroll.


Yes, we have had corrupt Generals and most of them got for what they deserved only if you would have known history a bit more than what your Facebook news feed tells you.

Gen Ayub Khan had to give up everything he had since the democratic forces asked him too and later 70`s elections took place.

The all-powerful Zia had his fate

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sealed in a plane, Gen Musharaff with his khakhi and a strong fist can never roam around in Pakistan as he used to do.

The power dynamics in our country are a bit more complex than Europe and the States to whom we look up to. These countries suffered from millions of human lives and wars one can only imagine and hundreds of years to get to the place where they are right now with so-called civilian supremacy.

We have had corrupt justices like Malik Qayyum who was given a diplomatic passport in return by the Sharifs to sentence BB to prison and later he lost his job as a judge.

Now yesterdays verdict exemplifies what the Sharifs have been doing with the country. All those crybaby pseudo-liberals tweeting about accountability across the board and only politicians suffer in Pakistan did the same when Altaf Hussain was tried and banned from his hour-long bloody telephonic conversations.

It’s about how the State of Pakistan getting back on its foot rather than the state institutions. The State has been taking corrective action if needed in one way or the other over the last seven decades, we might be unaware of what were those actions but as citizens of a sovereign state, it’s our duty to appreciate the greater good. Yes we might be under US influence or we are still banking on Chinese money but we are not the first ones to do so.

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Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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