Book Recommendation # 2: Daughter Of The East An Autobiography


The Book Covers Benazir’s life from her father’s imprisonment to exile and a decade of political struggle under the Zia regime to restore Pakistan Peoples Party as a democratic force.

After Zia`s death, she stated: “I would have preferred to defeat him(Zia) at the polls, but life and death are in God’s hands.”

Benazir expresses the wrath of an anti-women and an anti-human dictatorial mindset she had to face under the regime and even after it when she leads PPP into the 1988 polls.

How ISI and MI backed IJI targeted her time and again to retain their political authority, even her pregnancy was used as a political tool against her

A revised edition of the book was published in 2007 to cover the period from 1988 onwards till her death.

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