Book Recommendation #1: Mountbatten And The Partition Of India

Hey, Guys, I hope the summers are going as planned and if you’re a karachite, may God help us fighting the scorching heat out there.

I run an online media/news company @
so basically one of our existing projects is book recommendations based on different topics.

These topics range from history, politics, entrepreneurship and etc, however, the catch is these books offer an unbiased perspective which is quite hard to find since most of us form our opinions from facebook or twitter feeds nowadays.

I’ll be posting a book recommendation daily until summers end.

Feel free to comment with suggestions and do check out our website for some interesting reads.

Today’s recommendation is a series of interviews with the last viceroy of united India which offers a unique perspective of partition completely ignored by so-called patriotic publications included in our curriculum.



Shehryar Imran Ejaz

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