Does It Really Matter?

Does It Really Matter?

We are coming towards the end, aren’t we? The government is about to complete its tenure and the caretaker set up is already in place where the nominated caretakers are yet to take an oath.

There is a lot going around us, the former spymasters are speaking quite eloquently, Islamabad has finally considered articulating the legal status of FATA with the recent merger and the election date has finally been announced.

Five years down, what changed? Does the electricity bill show some sort of relief when received, are the pensioners finally getting what was due decades ago? Moreover how promptly can an average citizen exercise his due rights in an equitable manner is the fundamental question.

Mr. Mamnoon Hussain has set the clock for the 25th of July for the general elections, if someones unaware of the name, he currently serves as the twelfth President of Pakistan.

As relevant as one can be, there are three major political players that may be termed favorite to secure Islamabad after July. One of them isn’t sure about who is going to lead them into the battlefield, whether its the father or the son? The other one, existing ruling party was just deprived of its supremo, the one whose initials have been encrypted within the party over the years.

The third one and one of the most populist player is already on a verge of victory. They are ready with their hundred days to rise and shine and the electable tsunami is gushing towards their headquarters every now and then.

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Does all of this information ever strike an average Pakistani who is probably requesting a salary raise or a family bonded in labor facing the wrath of arrogant landlords?

The relevance has to be acknowledged when people are called to sit in protest completely unaware of the ulterior political motives.

What good does a sherwani cladding politician can bring in our lives is what we hear in pre-poll interviews, some of the respondents are even reluctant to vote as they despise the existing system and fear repercussions.

The answer to the question asked in the header requires a holistic approach and a fair amount of time to be dedicated before one intends to get involved in matters that may not be relevant.

Its the overzealous attitude that has lead us to astry from the path designated us for us time and again.

When ever there’s a street sit in or a tyre burning somewhere around the metropolis, have we ever asked the authorities about why is something of that sort being pursued? The above statement does not negate protests and the fact that every one has a democratic right to protest, its why do we get involve rather than pursuing something of our own, going irrational on issues isnt going to help and that has to be marked.

We are ready to debate on fiqh, laws and regulations, misspelled phrases for that matter with no prerogative and legal binding to do so. Upon inquiry out of all the people, one never witnesses professionals or people from the academia indulged in irrelevant matters because of a universal fact that Time is too scarce, let alone wandering around wasting it in irrelevant matters has to be avoided.

Its time to stay focused on our personal motives and abiding by our duties as a global citizen.

The next time you’re asked an irrelevant questions, a 90 degree nod would be a good starting point indeed.

In the next few months, decisions taken by the civil society, establishment and the elected government to follow will affect us directly whether one accepts it or not. To articulate a position of whats going around, start questioning what matters and what doesn’t, it will save time for sure.

Shehryar Ejaz

The Daily 360

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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