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The Daily 360 is an online Media/News Company which aims to increase awareness amongst the masses through critical analysis of current affairs.

Our official hashtag #sochbadlo lays emphasis on how one should have the ability to critically think without prejudice and prevalent biases around us.



Have a look at our categories below:


The news feed category comprises of current affairs and in-depth analysis of each news item.


The blog category enables our writers to pen down their personal experience and engage our readers on a micro level.

We are an online tutoring and mentoring institute for accounting and finance professionals. Our tutoring staff includes young and experienced tutors with a broad base of knowledge and exposure to business reporting, budgeting, business finance, law, and taxation. Click on the above image for further information.


The 360 review caters to entrepreneurial ventures, social startups, and organizations which are less known to our society.


Our opinion category mainly comprises of local and international writers who present a rather different perspective of the ongoing situation.


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