The Biggest Student Run Adventure Society in Pakistan- LAS

The Biggest Student Run Adventure Society in Pakistan- LAS

Lums Adventure Society (LAS) aims to bring those together who are truly passionate about traveling and explores new avenues each year. LAS holds a twenty year legacy of Adventure, Discovery, and Dedication.

They have accomplished many feats in the realm of trekking, which includes various crossings such as Lupke La, Chillinji La, Gondogoro La, and scaling peaks such as Minglik Sar, Spantik etc. Their flagship event of the year “May Trip” caters to 400+ students by taking out 8 different trips which all converge in Karimabad, Gilgit.

However, due to Ramadan being on the same dates as the hallmark event of LAS, there was a lot of speculation that there might not even be a May Trip this year, much to the dismay of the wanderers and adventurers in LUMS.

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LAS itself, however, had other ideas. It is not only organizing the standard 6-7 May Trips it always does, but it also plans to conduct a football tournament in what you would call their base up north (Karimabad).

This task was planned as a tribute to Mr. Shafqat Hussain, the late owner of Café de Hunza. He was a long time friend and colleague of LAS, a dedicated humanitarian and his death was mourned by the entire LUMS community. Hence, in his respect, the idea of the ‘Shafqat Memorial Futsal League’ was born. It seemed like the best way to honor him for all he has done for the community of Karimabad, and for LAS over its 20-year history.

Playing and spectating under the shadow of Rakaposhi-Ultar Peaks and the Golden Peak, 8 teams from regions spanning the vast area between Haramosh to Shimshal, will come to Karimabad for this nationally covered 3-day event. Not only will this event serve as a basis to unearth talent, but also promote healthy competition, provide exposure, and encourage the growth of sports in this region, like what Al Shams Women Football Club did in 2017.

LAS, as is evident, does not shy away from new challenges, and has decided to venture into the realm of sports up north for the first time in its 20 year history.

Such an event is in line with the philosophy that one must always give back to the community and areas one visits, and LAS has developed great friendships with the peaceful and hospitable people of Baltistan, and they see the Shafqat Memorial Futsal League as the perfect way to pay back the community it has grown to adore.

-LUMS Adventure Society

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

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