So before reading the post, you all need to do one thing for sure firstly strike off any commitments for the weekend and secondly, if you’re not in Lahore, book your flights to witness something amazing.

LUMS Dramaline is up to something and we had a little bit of sneak peek for you guys to enjoy. After all these people have been preparing for their Annual Play for the whole year, giving in hours and hours of scenes, retakes, script changes and what not.

When you’re sitting across the stage as a member of the audience waiting for the curtains to draw, the madness that sets up the play does not peak through them.   Upon inquiry we were told that the cast and crew has been putting in about 30 hours a week, the play is set on a path to set a precedent; its LUMS’ first bilingual and original play. With few days left, a rehearsal snippet might be something of your interest and let begin.

Everyone shows up and looks equally miserable after a long day of classes. Enough energy is spent trying to get everyone into character, often with the director and assistant directors yelling “KOI SHUGAL NAHI HOGI AAJ!” ultimately resulting in a lot of “shugal” that follows by.

Then the actual rehearsing begins, ruthless criticism of the actors and dancers is brought into focus, with each scene/dance move being repeated multiple times to add the finesse required.

By the time the first few scenes and dances have been run through, the cast needs a dinner break- ideally, these would last about 30 minutes to an hour long, but the generous AD, Hamd Paracha, thinks it’s only fair to take his crew out almost every alternate day. These aren’t just dinner runs, this gives them a chance to bond over the things they like/dislike, and get to know each other better as a crew.

Isn’t that great? How gelled together the crew is.

These solidify friendships that last through their time at LUMS, and nothing feels better than knowing there are people who are going through the same problems as some of them, who will almost always be there for you when you need them.

So while the annual play team continues with their countless and sleepless nights working to perfect the scenes, They would love to have a massive audience at Al-Hamra on the 27th and 28th of April, 2018.

“Come watch us put up our first original play, something we’re all really proud of, and hope we can make you just as proud of it, too!” – –LUMS DRAMALINE


We will definitely witness what these talented people are up to and we sure want you to witness as well.

-The Daily 360 Team


Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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