We recently went to a Digital Marketing Agency and they turned out to be twenty year old Luminites…

We recently went to a Digital Marketing Agency and they turned out to be twenty year old Luminites…

Digital Marketing, the word itself seems pretty cool but do we actually know what type of marketing are we talking about. The day since social media hijacked our lives and internet is our modern day tranquilizer, the phenomenon itself has a lot to offer to the world.

We do hear a lot of buzz words every day pertaining to our internet usage and how the modern world is getting hold of our personal lives day by day. Recently there was this news of Careem Pakistan`s passenger data hack and of course, none of us can forget the infamous Cambridge Analytica or can we?

You must be wondering since when did the Daily 360 get generous enough to place someones else logo as a thumbnail?

Well here is the thing, we had to get a promotional video and we turned up to an agency called Signature Marketeers and it actually ended up as an interview. Although we got our video though and it was better than our expectations.

Let me introduce you to two students of our very own LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) who just launched their own digital marketing agency by the name of Signature Marketeers, am I getting paid to mention that, not really.

What do we know about SEO Optimization, analytics, Ad campaigns and a lot of buzz words that are fed to us on daily basis? It isn’t that simple or is it?

The first question was upfront and straight.

Why did you felt the need of starting a digital marketing agency?

Jawab Kuch Yun Mila

We all know about our future right? The level of penetration into our lives by the multi-billion dollar companies is for a reason. Data and analytics are what the world will be talking about in the near future. With conventional marketing strategies going down the drain, online marketing efforts ranging from Google to platform-based solutions is what we are targetting.

 Sab se  Pehle Pakistan

We usually see startups based out of Pakistan but they often ignore the ever growing IT industry domestically and consider international clients as saviors of their businesses, this is not the case and Pakistan has a huge potential for content promotion, SEO, advertisements, and affiliate marketing. We plan to clear out some misconceptions regarding Pakistani market.

What is your target market?

Well here is the thing, we deal with local and international clients and often act as an intermediary between the two so with something like digital marketing you can go all the way, whichever direction you prefer. Monday its B2B for us while Tuesday has a B2C planned so our fate seems to be as unpredictable as a digital ad campaign might be.

Tell us about some nitty-gritty of the business as a whole?

Today’s world is all about creating awareness, after all, we live in a blogger`s world and infographics, ebooks, I can just name a new model to market anything you want.

Till when can we expect results if we hire you?

People in Pakistan are prone to measures like ROI, our client greets us with ROI and bids us farewell with the same word. why is that? We as entrepreneurs want to change this perception of measuring return on a monetary basis. The world out there is about clicks, reaching a target audience, visitors and the overall value you can create through digital marketing.

So basically these young entrepreneurs were implying that we need to move on from monetary results or just broaden our definition of materiality.

As a blogger and new to the technical world, I could hardly get what these folks were up to but at least these guys made me an awesome promotional video.

These guys are surely changing the realms of digital marketing in Pakistan, operating completely through a network of undergraduate students, Bachoun ki Umar hi Kya Hai?

The crux of my conversation with our entrepreneurs for the day ended with the fact that you need to be as organic as one can be while running any sort of digital campaign.

upar wala point note karlijiye kaam aayega!

The fact of the matter is you don’t need a huge budget for digital marketing campaigns, whatever you market on all relevant platforms, in fact, whatever way you acquire to reach your potential market, you’re in the driving seat and there is always room for some variations back and forth during the campaign.

Shehryar Imran Ejaz

You can always contact them at 923362035130 or have a look at their facebook page with a single click.

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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