The Child Who Never Grew Up

The Child Who Never Grew Up

Let’s talk about a child who was somewhat an average student and quite popular in school. So basically one day the more popular lads got hold of him and asked him to do something for them. The child at first was a bit confused that why me? but then everyone needs fame so the child agreed to do what the seniors said. Apparently, that child was asked to contest the school elections and you know what the child won, there it goes, everyone was amazed but he had to suffer a label that it was not him, in fact, the popular lads were behind his win but who cares, in fact, that child still suffers that label.

The child was awestruck with the level of respect he got from people who didn’t even paid attention to the poor soul before. As he entered the power corridors of the school, he started to question the popular lads but the kingmakers won’t give him that much space else they won`t be called king makers right? So up next in mere two years before the school term ended the child was dethroned.

He was disappointed and wanted to prove a point, he went to college and there it was a moment of resurgence waiting for him. He stood up for college elections and won, by this time those popular lads had already graduated and in no way were involved, in fact, they didn’t even care so the egocentric-ism had to take a side and this time it was that child`s turn to be the popular lad. Well, populism didn’t work for him and this time it was someone from the team. Recently that child had appointed someone to oversee his campaign activities and security of the college but later on that particular individual took matters of the college in his own hand.

“Picture Abhi baqi hai mere dost”

After one of his own comrades took over the child was punished and sent to a boarding school in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia basically the kingdom took responsibility and assured the comrade that the child will never come back, fair enough. The itinerary was set and next stop for the pour soul was Jeddah. As programmed the child grew up in Jeddah but after about seven years he tried to return back to the same old college, he wanted to step in for one last time and graduate, after all, it was his alma mater. The access was denied and he had to go back. Now we have a bit of backstory, back in school that child had defeated some of his political opponents in school elections and something had to be done about the college, his opponents wanted a share, as well as the child, was desperate to step foot in his home territory. They both decided to get rid of the comrade who was ruling the college and restore order, so by joining hands the comrade was gone but with complete dignity and honor and both the old foes were allowed to enter the college.

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This time around the child was asked to wait and he will be allowed to graduate after five years since the child was so eager to graduate he waited and waited for a long time. After all in 2013, he was given the opportunity to step back into college and you know what after four years in 2017 a year before graduation the child got expelled, the poor soul couldn`t graduate. He was awestruck by the expulsion, now he couldn’t stand it. He started blaming the college administration, staff even the cleaning staff for his expulsion. Nowadays he is trying to get back to the college but college won’t allow and lately, the college administration ruled that he cant step foot in college for the rest of his life.

The story looks somewhat similar, right? I am referring to none other than our very own self-proclaimed Amir-ul-Mumineen and the savior of Pakistani democracy Mr. Sharif and of course the elder one, we all know the younger one was the last resort, he was always kept till secondary grades. The school and college are unfortunately the institutions of our country who have been exploited for the past seventy years where they contribute to somewhat thirty of those seventy.

So basically nowadays that child aka Mr. Sharif regularly roams around the college calling out names to everyone inside the college and one more thing, the college is run by one of his own associates, Mr. Abbasi but he still can’t enter, what an awful sight to see.

The child is at arms with the justice system prevalent in Pakistan, he just orchestrated an attack on one of the principles who expelled him from college previously but he should realize that if he is punished this time, no kingdom on earth will take his responsibility.

- Shehryar Ejaz
Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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