A Fantasy World

A Fantasy World

Its that time of the year, you are about to bid farewell to teenage and you’re entering into your twenties and no one knows whats next.

When you look back on those nineteen odd years, from hitting puberty to your first college date(Sad reacts for those who didn’t have one), I don’t know about others but I was certainly not sure about how to handle that chrysalism of emotions. Isn’t it weird?  We keep on building fantasies around us hopeful for an eventual outcome despite whatever the circumstances may be.

As a fresh graduate out of college or high school, the transition is yet to take place and you’re probably having a faceoff with a list of universities to go to. Each name compelling the need to attend that particular one with a layer of uncertainty around it. So as everyone in pursuit of success would do, you choose the best one but before that one needs to be ready with “Issi mein Allah ki behteri”(a blessing in disguise) remarks from adjoining circles. Probably some of them who aren’t sure about in which part of the world you’re about to land or what degree you’re pursuing will be unleashing positivity or negativity in one way or the other.

Whatever happens, fantasies won’t end, right? a college date might turn into something special, well we all can be creative about that one. A candy floss changes into protein bars, the fruit drink you enjoyed back in school turns into alcohol. You probably never kept a count of steps in a day or calories before but now, you’re a grown up man so why not?

After all, “Beta Hamara Aisa Kaam Karega” was there for a reason, oh wait did I said “Beta”? The fact that “beti” isn’t there isn’t my fault probably Udit Narayan has to be blamed for male chauvinism but let’s move on. We are way behind our schedule in catching fantasies.

The bucket list is there and you need to check every box before graduation, please take it seriously else you’re the one who will be left behind, so catch up mate!

If you`re probably single by now and in a place like LUMS or basically anywhere in the world, You, my friend, are single and something needs to be done. Your friends will sound something like you’re doomed but #umeedpedunyaqaimhai so you will regret not having a so-called life partner but a few sleepless nights and antibiotics will do. Now you’re probably thinking of getting a Jumanji and chasing weird creatures in the jungle.

Fantasies aren’t a recreation of some sort that may exist and then you’re like Phew! Who cares? So basically please get that straight that even if no one cares there is a part of you that always wanted to turn some of them into reality but that was so 1990`s, please move on.

Life isn’t about what time are we in, it’s basically how you’re using that time for your own good, did I just acted as a life coach? Doesn’t matter I guess, they are probably roaming around everywhere so I won’t be the first one to do so.

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Those fantasies will be around for a long time but that “Handle with care”  remark will always be there so think over them again and save your self from regrets. There were aspects circumventing your GPA from day one, did anything change? Sadly the realization never took place that a parallel stream exists in which you can experiment, observe might as well drive yourself crazy with imagination but that parallel stream doesn’t come up with an exit strategy and that’s the best part.


These fantasies are something to look by when you’re probably suffering from something you don’t want to talk about. This world won’t need a visa to enter nor a purpose of visit, in fact, you can be as successful as one has ever been keeping all those fantasies alive.

A fantasy world awaits and unlike in Pakistan STAGS are allowed so paying a visit won’t do any harm.

Shehryar Imran Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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