Cook Out 2017 by LUMS Community Service Society


PULSS a.k.a. Project for Uplifting of LUMS Support Staff organized Cook Out as a token of appreciation for the staff working at LUMS. The event took place on the 23rd of November, 2017. The amount of effort the staff puts in for the students was taken into consideration when the idea was materialized.

The PDC(Pepsi Dining Center) staff and the REDC(Rausing Executive Development Centre) staff teamed up and were divided into three different teams that prepared a range of food items which the students bought and enjoyed.


The three teams were Kofta League, Chow Men, and Avengers: Tikka War. Cook Out was judged Asad Sheikh, founder of Coke Food Fest and Foodies R Us. The great food along with music gave the evening a relaxing vibe.



The event was also a humbling experience because students and staff were seen interacting outside their set roles.

-LUMS Community Service Society



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