Breast Cancer Awareness Week 2017



LUMS Community Service Society aims to stay relevant to the major societal concerns simultaneously bringing those issues to light within LUMS. The society tries its utmost to inculcate empathy through this act and awarding the student body of the impact of these problems. Breast Cancer Awareness campaign held on the 18th of  October, 2017 was one way in which the objectives of LCSS  were met.

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This year, it had two parts. One was the successful Pink Ribbon Donation Drive. Pink Ribbon is a charity organization that aims to set up Pakistan’s first dedicated Breast Cancer Hospital which will include state of the art technology. The organization set up a stall in LUMS  which did not only give out information for awareness but they also sold items. Students in large numbers visited the setup.

The revenue from their sales went directly to their cause.  Later in the evening, a talk in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Hospital was arranged. It was given by Maya Ali who talked about the ways in which this disease can be combated.

This was also a popular event which is evident from the huge number of people who attended and shared their thoughts and experiences.

-Lums Community Service Society


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