For the love of cheating: Pakistani Awaam

For the love of cheating: Pakistani Awaam


Every year we tend to hear these living room discussions which ponder over innumerable cheating incidents in rural localities during intermediate and matric examinations. Sadly the same intellectuals aren’t aware of what goes around in one of the best universities across the country, even if they are, that doesn’t sound good or does it?

Am I talking about academic cheating or the realms of cheating that are deep-rooted in our mere existence as a nation? Sadly those cant be touched upon with a single blog post. I should introduce a whole new category for it, Should I?

What an idea sir jee!

Why are we so prone to peeking at each other`s work? Is it the insecure feeling that success may be an impossible phenomenon if you’re not cheating or just the intrinsic feeling that So What, “Cheating tou har koi Karta hai”.  If you’re an average student like me, you must have heard the chatter which sounds somewhat like this, “MENE ITNA CHAPA”. Next time if you`re near that kind of chatter, please congratulate the noble human being from our side.

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If I term cheating as unfair, the so-called laureates who have mastered the art of cheating would term my blog as a disgrace to the art of cheating and how it is not everybody`s piece of cake. Let’s give them some leeway for learning at least some form of art.

The unemployment dilemma faced by thousands of graduates every year is conveniently traced back to low education standards, faculty misdoings, nepotism and what not. Have we ever evaluated the skill level of the same graduates who are ready to work as clerks despite MA`s and MBA`s from some of the best institutes? Everything has been rubber-stamped by the system so we don’t have a choice is what you hear every now and then.

Arent you the part of the same system that smashes merit, hard work and self-actualization to smithereens by handing out our beloved Quaid to everyone out there?

Why did I choose a hundred rupee not? Well, I think it’s quite self-explanatory, isn’t it? Everyone has a price to quote so why not shatter some light on the basic denominators.


I guess people in Pakistan are admirers of a wall hanging frame with a particular piece of paper signed off by a university chancellor and that’s it. “Tou ab aap Rishta pakka samjhein”.

For those who are mocked quite often as “Mumy Daddy”, “Phattu” and if there is a more creative slang I cant think off, my bad.

Here is a three-step model for you to follow.

  1. Confront the other person politely explaining that you aren’t that desperate for Wow reacts.
  2. Consider the amount of hard work that you’ve put in and the fact that no one is eligible for a happy meal in this world.
  3. Try not to cheat for once and if you can just feel something within you, you still have an operational belief system.


We aren’t hopeful of a revolutionary change in our academic universe but at least we could give it a try.

-Shehryar Ejaz




Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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