As I sat down to write this particular blog, I had to go through all those typical “Handle it with care” remarks along with “Proceed with caution” reminders every now and then. I wonder why? What was wrong with a review of two of the best management schools in the country? I wasn’t driving on the highway but still, I guess this post has some dangerous landmines to jump by and slippery slopes to avoid.

Good Luck!

So I was about to enter the forbidden realms of higher education in Pakistan and what was next? As long as it isn’t blasphemous to talk about higher education in Pakistan, I should be okay with it, right? To start with whether its LUMS or IBA, are we doing any good to all those aspiring students who wish to be part of such institutions and fail to end up in either of the two due to societal constraints in one way or the other.

If either of you is enrolled in one of the two, at least use your time effectively and think about those who couldn’t make it.

*”Sub emotional hogaye”

Fortunately, this isn’t about Pakistan Vs India or Karachi Vs Lahore as perceived by many.

Let’s start with some stereotypical mindsets that claim how either of the two is superior to one another.

  1. Whatever is the standard of education, IBA graduates will end up getting more jobs, fair enough but isn’t it unfair to compare a university with five schools from engineering, social sciences, law, and business to an ultimate business school with some minor disciplines in terms of job placement.
  2. IBA is not even a university, it is an institute. This statement stands without any merits or demerits as HEC has yet to come up with a strong bifurcation to differentiate between the two and the innumerable institutes at every corner of the country that are nowhere near IBA if you’re still stuck with the word “Institution”.
  3. “IBA se KU (Karachi University) vibes aati hain”, we get it that IBA is located within Karachi University that doesn’t imply that one should disregard the institute it self-based on its geographical location. Clearly, you have never been to IBA!
  4.  LUMS has a very “KHARAB MAHOL”, so apparently to the diligent scholars out there Kharab Mahol is smoking cigarettes, singing and above all staying up all night. I would’ve accepted the Kharab claim if the same old gentleman had assured me that none of this happens outside the gates of LUMS. That won’t be considered as a logical response so here’s to another one, the subjectivity intrinsically associated with the word “Kharab” doesn’t legitimize your claim at all(Matlab: “Please get a life”).
  5. Lums breeds either extremists or party animals, so to clear out some misconceptions, seeing a bunch of girls in Burqa and guys with thick beards isn’t extremism at first. Secondly, if you`ve been to the Khokha at LUMS on a Saturday night and were amazed at the “Kharab Mahol”, you need some more exposure and acknowledgment of the fact that optimally clothed people do exist as luminites.

I personally have had the opportunity to examine both institutes. Having discussions with the faculty, students and administrative staff, one thing is for sure IBAians or Luminites both have held their alma mater sky high in the last few decades (  Yes we know “IBA Pehle bana tha”).

If you end up in any one of the two, please ensure that you maximize your time with quality education, an amazing opportunity to network around which won’t be available later on and look at the brighter side for once(These brighter sides aren’t sitting ideally at Foyer to OBSERVE for IBAians or a wishful sight for Luminites near the poondi bench)

The egocentrism attached with a university degree won’t take you anywhere in life. Whether you’re in LUMS or IBA, you need to prove your worth to the world out there and the bubble will burst then and there when acronyms such as SZABIST, CBM, GIKI and etc will be in the driving seat.

-Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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