Let`s Look at How Luminites are Bridging Barriers

One of the most vital, and often ignored aspects of university life in Pakistan is the development of a student into an adult, not just academically, but psychologically too. When our students understand that they have a responsibility to those around them, especially the less fortunate in our society, is when we as a country can move forward.

Students at LUMS just hosted one of the most important events of the semester. The social outreach event was a  collaboration between the LUMS Community Service Society and LUMS Dramaline where the 2 Day event proved out to be an incredible weekend for everyone involved.

What is Bridging Barriers exactly? For the past five months, Luminites have been visiting a few NGO schools all over Lahore which cater to the underprivileged students of our society, including  TCF Boys, TCF Girls, PEN Naseerabad, Rabt Sanjan Nagar, CARE, and most notably, a school from Kot Lakhpat. Over three hundred and fifty students were present from these six NGO schools where they participated in various activities including  Sports, Debates, Writing, Arts, and most excitingly, Dramatics where the CARE team secured the winning position for Dramatics.

In the Dramatics section of the competition, the participants under the guidance of LUMS Dramaline team, wrote, directed, and performed their own original plays, each with an incredible message attached to it. The effort and love put into the plays could be felt throughout the auditorium from the management team to the audience present.

Why does Bridging Barriers matter in the end? There are plenty of voices present who are skeptical about small-scale events like these and ready to conclude that such efforts won’t have any significant effect on the community in fact throughout the country or anyone at all. Whether or not these things are drastically improved, Bridging Barriers is about spreading a bit of happiness in the world. It not only caters to children from different schools, in fact, educates us about our duty as a privileged and a responsible citizen irrespective of personal gains.

-LUMS Dramaline

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