Disappointed But Not Surprised

Disappointed But Not Surprised

The Trump Administration is a mess. Quite a sweeping statement, right? Do you agree? Well, that is an entirely different discussion. However, there is no denial of the fact that Trump era has been one of the most eventful presidential terms for the states. From his scandalous “grab them by the p**” remark to his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement with daily diet revelations including diet coke and some surprising food items, the man hasn’t been away from headlines for even a single day. Think about it, no really, put down your cup of coffee, take off your glasses and think about it.

What happens next?

Just a few days ago Trump announced via his infamous twitter account that oil tycoon – turned Secretary of State had been dismissed. Wow, out of nowhere we get yet another dismissal. A bolt from the blue, perhaps. Not quite, according to Trump, they had not exactly been seeing eye to eye for some time now and apparently, Trump really had taken note of some offensive remarks about him by Tillerson. The oil tycoon, Tillerson, with barely any background or expertise in politics, former chief of ExxonMobil on par with veritable giants such as Shell and Gazprom. If we talk about the right fit, well that chapter is well and truly closed while another one threatens to write a dark and quite possibly dangerous chapter in American history. As CIA director Mike Pompeo is to fill in Tillerson`s shoes, the vacant position in CIA will be filled by Gina Haspel. She holds quite a reputation actually and a troubling resume to complement it. She has been a former prison chief in Thailand branded as the “Torturer” by the New York Times and the list goes on.

The Orange House is not a mess, they say.

Well, he has done it again. Thank you, Mr President. In the past week or so, with severe criticism on the Iran Nuclear deal signed by the previous administration in 2015. Does he deserve any sort of admiration?  In an environment where tensions are skyrocketed, school kids are being shot, xenophobia is at an all-time peak. Give it up for Mr Trump. The indispensable leader of the free world and he surprises us yet again with appointing someone like Hasbel. It can only fan the flames, continuing the steady downwards spiral while the orange house seems to be caught up in for another “Brace for impact”.

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If advocating for armed teachers, defaming the whole country with a single New Year`s day tweet, passing the shit** comment isn’t enough then Mr. Trump has really outdone himself this time around with Haspel appointment.

We all know about that child who prefers to go to the Candy store and not to be questioned for whatever he wants. Well, we have a child in the oval office. No, really you cant just talk about the dreaded “red button” and get away with it so easily. Now, calling himself a ‘great deal – maker’ in his book; ” The Art of the Deal”, Mr.Trump wants to welcome Kim to the negotiating table. Well, we believe you, Mr.President. No, really thumbs up for such an effort.

Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back, Mr.President.

The Orange House is not a mess they say.

Ever since the cold war ended, United States has claimed itself to be leading the free world. Is that happening, really? Is this what the leader of the free world should be doing? Not quite, ladies and gentlemen, not quite. Quite often the leader seems on the golf course than the oval office. Well, it’s about time that the existing administration should emerge from its bubble. To rise above ridiculous decisions like the appointment of Haspel.  It needs to be proactive and should think through the process time and again. Are we asking for too much? So far, so bad for the Orange House. So far, so bad!

The Trump era seems to be a comedy sketch as of now,  somewhat along the lines of stand- up comedy while we expect it to get better, unfortunately. Plenty of voices, plenty of personalities involved, staccato, stop and start. however, one thing above all that this sketch is quite entertaining laughably so just like a comedy sketch is supposed to be in fact better than a lot of ones. Well, there is quite a wealth of humour to be gleaned every now and then if you’re following the Orange house.

The Orange House is not a mess they say.

Let me assure you if Robin Williams were around, he would have blown the Orange House to smithereens with his signature jumpy, high-octane style.

Then again, does all this come as a true surprise? Should we really have expected anything better? Not quite, I suppose, not quite. The Haspel decision should leave us disappointed but not surprise. it seems too much, really to expect something logical or agreeable to come out of the Orange House.

God bless the United States of America!

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Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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