Deal Maker

Deal Maker

Senate elections were successfully conducted a few days ago producing shocking results for all the stakeholders of Pakistani politics and for the umpteenth time, stamped the authority of the Deal Maker.The Deal Maker emerges once again as the man at arms of politics in Pakistan or one should say a man with bricks. Who won is the real question? Whether PMLN lost because of its Nawazcentric political intentions or the self-proclaimed saviors of democracy were completely unaware of the game?

Saleem Mandviwala, one of the closest ally of the Deal Maker and a wealthy business tycoon secured deputy chairmanship as a successor to a JUI F installed deputy chairman. Mr. Mandviwala’s acquaintances with the deal maker can be traced back to the days of infamous Bombino and Nishat Cinema in Karachi.He was elected as a senator in 2013 and served as Pakistan’s Finance Minister towards the end of the PPP tenure.  He was able to secure the support of  PTI, a strict opponent of PPP. The real champion behind the scenes is the manufacturer of this “coalition”, Mr. Deal Maker. Why did this coalition happen in the first place? Was the deal maker trying to signal establishment about his critical position? These questions will surely remain unanswered till the general elections.

Deal Maker along with its PPP was in a position to dismantle the PMLN government in November 2016, but he wanted power in the Senate, so he waited for the right time. Before the Senate elections, with the support of some “other stakeholders”,  Deal Maker toppled the Baluchistan government and managed to secure 8 Senate seats from the provincial quota. Similarly, in a shocking turn of events, Deal Maker also managed to win 2 Senate seats with only 7 MPAs in KPK. However, the number game still had to be won and the 13 votes of PTI had to be secured. So quiet shockingly a “Sadiq” was “launched” with the name of Sanjrani as the candidate of Chairman, a man unknown to the political circles. He himself wanted to be a chairman of standing committee of Senate while the independents wanted Anwar ul Haq Kakar as the chairman. But he was nominated by the “ Expensive Independents” and quickly, he earned the support of both PTI and PPP, who were successful in building an anti-PML-N block. However, PTI was reluctant to support Mr. Mandwivala for the deputy chairmanship when Shah Mehmood was approached, because of potential public outcry against supporting PPP, one of its arch rivals. The game was far from over.

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At this point, PML-N proposed Raza Rabbani, an eminent politician from PPP, for the Chairman Senate, a person not acceptable to the establishment because of his stance on their stakes in the political arena. Deal Maker now proposed that he wanted the seat of deputy Chairman, otherwise he would back Rabbani. The differences were quickly set aside and PTI was “forced” to support Mr. Manwivala and Deal Maker was able to manufacture a political master-stroke by winning the seat for him, despite the odds against him a few months ago. As of today, he has also managed to secure the position of leader of the opposition for Sherry Rehman, once again defeating PTI with his brilliant tactics. The deal maker has surely won the political battle comprehensively.

PML-N stands shocked, yet again, but this time, the tide was not with them, as the lines for this victory were laid down within a few months’ time. However, they still have the support of 46 “coalition” senators and have the ability to bolster their numbers by breaking down the otherwise weaker opposition coalition.  Lagging behind is PTI. By gaining the support and votes of the change agents, Deal Maker has avenged all the mudslinging against him by PTI in one smooth maneuver. PTI, on the other hand, could have launched their own candidate to distinguish itself from the “corrupt regimes” and its political foes, standing by its principles. But sadly, it decided or was “forced” to support one of its biggest political opponents, and in doing so, buried, both, its principles and politics.

PTI was still unable to secure the seat of the opposition leader. This proves, how politically weak they were, something alarming for the road to Naya Pakistan.The battle lines for the General elections are being drawn as all parties gear up to win the 342 seats of National Assembly. However, PPP has still managed to stamp its political authority. For now, this march belongs to MandviWala and the Deal Maker where one should appreciate the latter`s political acumen.

– Muhammad Owais

– The Daily 360

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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