Bucket List

Bucket List

I believe apologies are in order as I haven’t been that active lately, to be honest, it’s all about managing your time effectively which wasn’t the case for me in the past few days. So what’s the world up to? In fact, who am I kidding what are we up to? It’s been hardly three days since my exams have started and the headlines are gushing blog topics for me every day.

So today was different, usually, Sundays start with a late lunch but as the sophomore year gets better day by day, it started with an exam and ended with a classic Karachi vs. Lahore cricket match. Unfortunately, our ex-prime minister’s weekend didn’t end quite well though and let’s leave it there, although we can talk about the reaction or impact of a politician`s relationship with a shoe. As of now, the bewildering Pakistani youth has probably guessed the shoe size and most likely are still in the process of making new memes to comply with their duty as a rightful citizen.

So while figuring out some topics for the coming week, I was able to lay off a complete bucket list.  The city of lights had a spectacular “Aurat March” unprecedented in Pakistan’s history. It sure did affect the deep-rooted patriarchal state of mind for some “ghairat mands” out there, so Women`s day was off to a good start.  That’s just the start, the 360 bucket list had much more to cover.

The topic I selected was the infamous journalist aka PSL guru Mr. Sethi`s tweet about ticketing details of the qualifying matches in Karachi and Lahore and sadly the sarcasm was on point. The chairman had to emphasize on the fact that we should pay for what we want, I think the same happens to us considering the global age. I have seen people with the latest iPhones to galaxies along with reckoning their family in the form of Toyotas and Hondas not ready to spend a single dime in lieu of a worthless protocol. Accompanied by a guard whose family might be suffering from malnutrition or 0.5 km reroute without traffic is our ultimate pursuit of happiness or so-called “PROTOCOL”. It doesn’t make me a devil`s advocate while talking about the typical freemium services our people need when it comes to food, entertainment or a valet parking for that matter.

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For a trial run, I had the opportunity to research a bit on the willingness to pay for a service where the sample included upper-class consumers and the numbers had it all to draw a conclusion. To what extent is someone willing to accept something for free, a rationale consumer might be all in for such an offer but the Pakistani case is somewhat different. In our case, it`s not the rupee spent in return for an experience or quality it’s basically the disparaging claim that ‘I got it for free” facilitated by the self-praise of ones worth that goes without saying.

I couldn’t agree much with Mr. Sethi and with some experience of event management I can expect some mighty names showing up on his cellphone screen every now and then. Let’s hope for the best and wish the PSL management best of luck for a successful finale in our very own Karachi.

While there are still few days to go by till the PSL qualifiers start, at least till then do consider what our approach should be towards a value addition and for what it`s worth let the bankroll.

Shehryar Ejaz

-The Daily 360

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Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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