Tou Hua Kuch Yun

Tou Hua Kuch Yun
It was back in January when I stepped into a cafe looking for something interesting to watch on Netflix browsing through trailers and reviews again and again.
I overheard a group of gentleman discussing how sharif’s ouster was by design, who is behind these rattling protestors in the capital and the story goes on.
As time passed I had realized that there was nothing interesting on Netflix and I started paying attention to the same old gentlemen who were talking as if the world goes by their opinions and whatever they predict will be our future. It all started by a midday headline where the presenter mentioned that NAB court had summoned Mr. Sharif along with his children in accordance with the Panama Judgement. Followed by hidden American interests, Jewish lobbies who have nothing to do but meddle in our affairs and how muslims will conquer the world by 2050.
Initially I had the idea of updating a Facebook status about our obsession with controversies as a nation but then I realized do people in Pakistan take Facebook statuses seriously, in fact, social media seriously? You know the answer to that Shehryar so let’s do something new. I guess modern day analytics had already informed Facebook about my intention of starting a blog or some opinion based platform and there it was my news feed had this sponsored content from WordPress.
The next challenge was to select a name it had to include 360 in one way or the other but should be unique too. I couldn’t come up with many names so went along with “The Daily 360”, nice and simple isn’t it and wrote my first piece, Sazish, about our nations first love, conspiracy theories. It was about time I had written some hundred words and one of the gentleman got a call from his wife  which made him leave and eventually all of them decided to hold on to the discussion for the next “Baithak”.
The noise was no more there and I couldn’t contemplate more about what I was writing so I pressed enter and forwarded that piece of writing to some family members most importantly my grandfather whose opinion was a determinant on whether to continue something like this or not. The response seemed pretty good and those gentlemen had made my day.
I had about 7 days left in my winter holidays and I decided to incorporate the whole idea of opinions into a blog which eventually leads to a website. Should it serve as a platform for others to comment on day to day affairs? The answer to this question had to ascertain the scope of this blog.
I started writing about current affairs and got a favorable response from my peers. The whole blog thing was going good but how can one turn it into a website? After several trials, random theme selections, and taglines the website was finally up which will serve as a forum for others to express their opinion about whats happening around us.
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People I interact with on daily basis at LUMS aren’t aware of some of the most basic happenings of our country. I am not talking about an average twenty-year-old, in fact, less than one percent of students who make it to the most prestigious institution in Pakistan. Some of them may be thinking about what the hell I am talking about? To those who are thinking in accordance with the previous statement, I have some questions for them:
Who is the Chief Minister of Baluchistan?
How many governing units are in the country?
Whats the difference between Senate and the National Assembly?
Can you quote at least on an article of our constitution? ( this question isn’t for law majors)
Who is the elected counselor in your area?
People who will fail to answer the above questions are those who limit their knowledge regarding the country they live into some sections of the Pakistan studies coursebook.
It has been a month since the blog was launched and by the grace of God the impact is visible, people have been reading posts from all across the world. The purpose is as simple as it could be, making people aware of their surroundings and what value this knowledge could add to their lives.
The blog aims to serve the best interest of our country independent from popular rationales and temporary heroic narratives which fade away as soon as people tend to differ.
The efforts our underway and I would like all of you to contribute with your words that may have an impact on someone far fetched from reality.
-Shehryar Ejaz
-The Daily 360
Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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