The Real Haqqani Network

The Real Haqqani Network.

By Simon Templar

Ignorance they say, is bliss.

The less you know, the less you have to deal with.

This certainly seems to have been the case with Pakistan’s somnambulent Foreign Office and an Army that appears increasingly bewildered, beleaguered and cornered.

Few in the lofitly named Islamic Republic of the pure have a solid, if any idea of how American politics works.

The Generals,leading sheltered lives on military bases, never having lived or worked in the States, have no idea how the US political system works.

Put simply, its money.

Fundraising and raising funds occupies over half the time on the schedules of all publicly elected officials..and its all legal.

Attend a dinner, collect a cheque, go to an event, collect a cheque, smile for a series of pictures, collect a cheque.

Sure, there are certain rules, how much and where an individual can give, and it is all supposed to be declared, but the immediate result is that they become beholden to anyone who can pay a lot.

Now this is where it gets interesting, for the case against Pakistan, especially its military, has been surely but slowly, and firmly built up ever since the return to democracy after fist waving, former strongman Musharaf was forced out in 2008.

The exiled Baloch the hazaras, angry Shiites, exiled Ahmedis, pacificts, political exiles, human rights activists, all have been used in a brilliant and sophisticated manner to poison the mood in Congress and the Senate against the Pakistan military.

It is estimated, and there are records to prove it, that over this period, around $40 million has been funneled to select, key legislators through one Indian American Imaad Zuberi.

While Haqqani was the slick talker, the real work being done insistently but quietly from the shadows was the moneyman with millions at his disposal, spending constantly and liberally, muddying snd poisoning the waters for Pakistans Army.

An office in India, a board member of RAW sponsored USBased ‘Make in India’ NGO, friends with Vajpayee and Altaf Hussain, Zuberi remarkably has a close link with both Tareq Fatemi- as well as the PPP.

Running multiple shell companies many from the same address, using his Taiwanese spouse and mother in law, Villa Rao, he gave and gave and gave.

Always to influential ranking members of the defence, foreign relations, intelligence and South Asia committees.

Hosting Zardari for meetings with McCain, blocking the release of CSF funds and the F-16’s,

Bullying Pakistans weak, helpless Ambassadors, Zuberi has skillfully played the system like a violin and played an instrumental role in cornering the worlds fifth largest nuclear Army.

Hats off to him, but kudos to the military Attaches and Envoys who saw this all happening, yet still invited him to meet with General Shareef at the Pakistan Mission.


Not really, money makes the mare run, and Zuberi has more than one horse running at his beck and call.

Not only did Ambassador Jillani host him,and rely on him for access Ambassador Chaudry holds private meetings with him to seek his counsel.

One wonders where the Pakistanis find such buffoons!

It is no coincidence that both were selected for this sensitive and pivotal assignment in DC by none other than Tareq Fatemi!


The real network!

All three rabid haters of the Pakistan Army.

All three with strong ethnic, religious, social, familial and financial ties to India.

All three with India based families, all now settled in the states!

One, the public face, two the money man, three, the secret double agent and mole!

All focused on cornering, ridiculing, attacking and vilifying the Pakistsn military at the behest of their Indian and American masters.

The Trump administrations curbing of the assistance to hurt the Army has been a long time in the coming.It has built up over the last 8 years, gaining pace towards the end.

It has remained a work in progress with the theme being built up constantly through hearings and testimonys. The Pakistan Embasdy has done nothing to fight back, no attempt has been made to reach out.

Minister Sartaj Azeez once dismissed a Congressional resolution as the isolated personal venom of a few individuals against Pakistan and claimed the hearing was poorly attended.

As I said, the system needs to be understood, once something is on the record, its ever so easy to build policy around it…thats the system!

Most of the funds given, with dates, amounts, names of Shell companies etc can be viewed and tabulated from the relevent mandatory disclosure sites.

If one were to probe the millions would be traced back to Pakistan, particularly from Sindh and Balochistan, London and India, arriving in the States via laundering in the middle east particularly Qatar, Dubai and Bahrain.

This nexus between the anti Army trio also explains Dawn leaks.

It was the hammer and anvil strategy, the first two had done their job and prepared the grounds, the mole in Islamabad had to do his bit.

Another source states that robertiglobal the USA lobbying firm hired by Nawaz Sharif recently to lobby for him in the USA, and allegedly paid from the budget of our civilian intelligence agencies, and not Nawaz’s personal accounts, was allegedly recruited and brokered by Haqqani-Zuberi.

Zuberi has been hosting and arranging meetings with top Congressional and Senate leaders for Bilawal Zardari as well.

He was also the man behind taking anti Pakistani US lawmakers to meet with Altaf in London.

The target of this international, sophisticated, untelenting sting operation has remained blissfully naive and unaware.

After letting Haqqani leave the country, the military now call him guilty of treason and subversion.

Zuberi being an American is out of reach, but they cannot even curb his access to the Embassy.

Fatemi, found guilty and sacked, still roams around scot free, egging on the father and daughter to attack, attack, attack.

For a former PM to retain counsel of a known lawbreaker guilty of violating national security beggars belief.

For Pakistani Ambassadors to consort with a known anti Pakistan like Zuberi, himself an Indian mole with his cover now partially lifted, is just about the most nightmarish scenario that a poor nation can face.

Anywhere else this would be investigated, but in the Idiots Republic…anything goes!

Fools sleeping at the wheel get what they deserve!

The Author has a keen interest in South Asia and is a Geo Strategist based in Brussels.

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar Ejaz

Shehryar serves as the Editor In Chief of The Daily 360. He is currently pursuing his undergraduate from Lahore University of Management Sciences. Twitter: @sheryejaz

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