What happened at Lodhran?

Ali Tareen`s loss in NA 154 has proven out to be a major political setback for PTI and has dented its plans for the upcoming general elections. This election was supposed to be an easy win for PTI but quite dramatically, PML-Ns candidate thrashed Ali Tareen by a lead of around 20000 votes which in... Continue Reading →


The 13 Gates of Lahore

The second largest city of Pakistan, Lahore is. also known as the ancient city. This city is secured by a 30 feet brick wall surrounding it from all sides with only 13 gates for passages. Through these gates is the oldest version of Lahore, called the Walled City of Lahore or Androon Lahore by the... Continue Reading →

Inspecting the Void

“No amount of pressure will deter me from representing women in distress, it has been my life mission, till the last breath will stand by them” Asma Jahangir Asma Jahangir, a feminist icon, who devoted her whole life to those who were deprived and are still deprived of some of the basic necessities of life was... Continue Reading →

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